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Business advantages abound when owning your own commercial property.  As the owner instead of the tenant, you choose the decor, the tenants, and the rental prices that you  will collect each month.  You give up worrying about rent increases or being forced to move when your lease is up.  However, the most important advantage of commercial property ownership is the building of equity.

Business Expansion Lenders, LLC can be your partner in navigating and securing the right finance options to grow your business.
Our company helps in arranging Conventional or SBA loans for established, credit- qualified businesses, typically with at least a three-year history.  We specialize in owner-occupied business property, such as office space, retail space, warehouse facilities, restaurants, and commercial property and related equipment needs.

The Process

Step 1.  Client completes and submits Pre-Approval Credit Application (page 5).
Step 2.  Once pre-approved, a Letter of Pre-Approval is sent to client (normally within 48 hours) with a detailed terms proposal.
Step 3.  With your Letter of Pre-Approval,  you will receive a request for any additional documents necessary for lender final evaluation.
Step 4.  These additional documents will then allow us to turn your Letter of Pre-Approval into a Letter of Commitment.

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